Are you an exporter or planning to sell internationally ?

If your answer is “YES“, you are in the right place here !

Exports play a key role in the Irish economy and more and more Irish companies, both B2B and B2C, recognise the importance of selling internationally and are actively developing new business in new countries.

e-Vorsprung Consulting specialises in supporting Irish businesses in expanding to all English-speaking and German-speaking markets, with special focus on Germany, and Great Britain. We offer a range of services that help you successfully sell internationally, including market research, competitor analysis, translation and language services, export marketing, and last but by no means least, our core competency: website localisation and international digital marketing.


Website localisation and digital marketing for exporters

Digital marketing and website localisation deserve a special mention here, as these are areas that can make massive impact abroad, yet are often forgotten when planning the export market strategy.

While export companies are usually very aware of the power of the internet and the need to have a well thought-through digital marketing strategy and a strong online presence, many companies simply forget that they also have to adapt their internet marketing strategy and online presence to their export markets, i.e. have a web presence in each key target market that:

  • Addresses and meets the needs and expectations of the target audience in the foreign country;
  • Articulates a clear USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and stands out from other local and international competitors, both offline and online;
  • Speaks the language – literally and metaphorically – of the audience in the export country;
  • Presents its web content, messages, and value proposition in a way that appeals to the local target market audience;
  • Meets the legal and regulatory requirements of the targeted country;
  • Is optimised for the preferred search engines and internet usage patterns, including language and online platforms, within the export market;
  • Is supported by an internet marketing strategy and suitable locally relevant internet marketing tactics, such as search engine marketing, email marketing, content marketing etc.

Not localising your website for your target market means you lose out on the opportunity that the internet offers for marketing and selling in this country: Only few internet users in your target market will find your website and even if they do, your non-localised website will have little positive impact on visitors, as the messaging and content is unlikely to meet their expectations.

To help you leverage the internet for selling internationally, e-Vorsprung can help you build such strong, compelling and highly visible online presence for your new English-speaking and German-speaking export markets. Please read on or contact us to find out more.