Core competencies

Website localisation, multilingual SEO, and digital marketing for exporters

international digital marketing

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e-Vorsprung’s mission is to help Irish SMEs increase their sales into international markets, with focus on German-speaking and English-speaking countries.

As both consumers and businesses use the internet as one of their main sources of information for buying decisions, having a strong online presence is key. When trying to reach markets outside Ireland, an Irish website just won’t do, as it’s typically neither visible to internet users in other countries nor is it likely to get great buy-in, as not tailored to the needs and expectations of that target market.

This is where e-Vorsprung Consulting comes in: We help you localise your website for your new export market and develop and implement an international digital marketing strategy that makes sure your website stands out in the market, your target customers can find you and engage with you.

Business speciality: Online marketing, SEO, and web presence for Germany

Web presence in the German market

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As a German living in Ireland since the 1990s, I strongly believe in Irish business and the opportunity and imperative for Irish business to sell into foreign markets, in particular into my native German market.

Entering and exporting to new markets is vital to the success of most Irish businesses and the large and buoyant German market – with its nearly 82 million consumers and its large number of different businesses to sell to and/or partner with – offers plenty of business opportunities to Irish SMEs for export.

Leveraging my knowledge and understanding of these markets (Ireland and Germany) and their respective business cultures, I specialise in helping Irish companies establish and/or optimise their online presence in the German market. During this process, we address all the linguistic, cultural, business, technical and legal aspects that need to be tackled in order to have a strong and effective online presence in Germany, which in turn will drive web traffic, generate leads and increase sales from German customers, both B2B and B2C, wherever your focus is.