Digital Marketing for German and English-speaking markets

Online marketing

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Defining an digital marketing strategy for your new export market is no mean feat, as your export market internet strategy needs to align with and support your overall marketing strategy at home and abroad and your online marketing strategy.

Like website localisation itself, it is a fine balance between aligning with and leveraging what do do at home, and adapting and fine-tuning it to the needs, behaviors, and requirements for the target export market.

Decisions also need to be made as to what you can do in-house and where you will need external support, via ourselves or other partners we can help you select.

We can support you in both developing and implementing this strategy and provide advise and support on a number of digital marketing topics, such as:

  • Web analytics: Development, implementation and tracking of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): According to the principle that only what is measured can be managed, KPIs for the local target market needs to be defined, tracked and – most importantly – acted upon.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring your target markets, your competitors, and what customers say about you and your competitors is important. We can develop  an approach with you for monitoring those channels, thus providing you with important and often business criterial information and ensuring you are well tuned into your target market.
  • Search Engine Optimisation / International SEO: As search engine optimisation is closely linked with the localisation of the website, SEO for the target marked is typically performed as part of web presence optimization.
  • Search Engine Advertising (SEA): A deep understanding of local keyword patterns is key to search engine advertising. We can perform keyword research as well as set up and manage Adwords PPC campaigns for you or indeed help you select providers abroad.
  • Affiliate Marketing: This takes a different flavour in different markets, as different markets have different preferences. Pricing models can also vary. We can support you with certain affiliate marketing activities or help you select reputable local vendors abroad.
  • Local price comparison engines: Price comparison engines are very popular in some of the larger markets, e.g. Germany, and while some operate internationally, there are many national ones, including niche market specific ones. If you are involved in e-commerce abroad, we can help you select appropriate price comparison engines that are a good fit for your product range, your target audience abroad and your preferred pricing model and help you get your online shop products set up on those price comparison engines.
  • Local directory entries: Larger markets, such as Germany, have extensive directories available online, both B2B and B2C, general topics and sector specific. To increase visitors to your site, it is important to be listed in these directories. We can help you select appropriate free and/or fee online directories and support you in getting entries into them.
  • Online Public Relations: Online PR is a great way of getting visibility for your website and getting traffic and local links into your website. We can support you in developing local press release and help you select free and/or fee-based PR portal for your press release.
  • Blogging: Blogging is a great way to have fresh content on your website, which will be appreciated by both search engines and visitors. We can support you with your blog for your local export market.
  • Email and newsletter marketing: Email and newsletter marketing is a great way of communicating with your existing customers. We can help you implement a legally compliant email approach for your foreign target market.
  • Social sharing and Social Media: Social media vary from country to country and different type of social media are relevant for different segments of the market. We can help you select and priorities social media platforms for your target market and develop an approach for localising your social media presence.
  • Content strategy and content creation: It is vital that you have fresh content on your website and for your local web presence. This can be done in a variety of ways. We work with you to develop a content strategy that is appropriate for your market, your budget and your resources.

The appropriateness of the above depends on a number of factors, some relating to your business and its goals, others relating to the target export market and their use within the appropriate market. There is no blanket approach and it is better to do a few of the above well rather than do all. We can support you with a careful selection of the right approaches and tactics and help you implement them.