Services Overview

Business-driven web presence localisation

Developing a web presence abroad that both attracts and converts visitors to your foreign website is – if done well – a complex undertaking that requires a holistic approach, including:

  • Business and commercial considerations, such as refinement of the value proposition so it meets the special needs of the local market and provides clear competitive differentiation;
  • Cultural, legal and linguistic adaptions and changes (e.g. translation or transcreation) so your website meets the expectations, needs and requirements of the local market;
  • Technical and SEO related changes and optimisations, so your target customers abroad can find your website when they search the Internet;
  • The development and implementation of an internet marketing strategy for your new target market so you continue to attract many visitors to your website.

Unlike many other companies that only specialise in some of the above areas and thus cannot provide the holistic approach required for international web presence, e-Vorsprung provides services for all of the above areas and takes a business-focused approach.

Internationalisation focus: Germany and UK

Providing such services requires a deep understanding of the business and environment, the culture, the legal system, and the language of the target market. e-Vorsprung support companies that want to leverage the Internet for doing business in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, and USA. Focus markets are Germany, UK, and of course Ireland.

We work across sectors with all types of companies and websites, including B2B and B2C websites as well as e-commerce websites.