Social Media Marketing for German and English speaking markets

social media marketing localisatin

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Social media play an increasing role in the digital marketing strategies. Not only are social media an increasingly important signal for search engine optimisation and provide  you with an additional communication channel to reach your target audiences, but they also allow you to enter a dialog with your prospects and clients and build a community of followers. Increasingly, too, social media are the place where people discuss, recommend or advise against products and services and thus directly influence buying decisions.

However, just like the website itself, social media approaches need to be adapted to the target export market.

In particular, for social media, the selection of the right platforms is important, as popularity of platforms varies between countries. For example, in Germany, Xing is the most popular social network for professional contact – not LinkedIn. Similiarly, expectations regarding the content and style vary from country to country and need to be finetuned to the local market.

Social media localisation includes:

  • Selection and prioritisation of suitable social media platform
  • Development of and agreement on social media goals and KPIs
  • Development and implementation of a social media strategy and supporting tactics

e-Vorsprung Consulting can help you select and prioritise social media platforms for your target export market and develop an approach for social media presence in German and English speaking export markets.

In addition, we can also support you with the actual implementation of the social media presence, i.e. for the German market:

  • Set up profiles for social media platforms agreed with you
  • German translation and transcreation of social media content
  • Management the social media communication – inbound and outbound – for the German market