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Susanne Dirks, e-Vorsprung Consulting

Susanne Dirks, CEO e-Vorsprung Consulting

Hi there ! I am Susanne Dirks, CEO and founder of e-Vorsprung Consulting … and no, before you ask, ‘e-Vorsprung’ has nothing at all to do with Audi even though I like their ad and would not mind getting one of their cars as a present … 🙂 !

But more seriously: Our mission is to help Irish companies get ahead of their competitors by using technology, i.e. their online presence, in a way that helps them increase mindshare, marketshare, and sales in their export markets. That’s where our business name comes from – ‘Vorsprung’ being the German word for ‘getting and being ahead’ (of the competition) and, well, you all know what the ‘e’ stands for in today’s digital world …

So, in sum, e-Vorsprung Consulting is focused on helping small and medium businesses increase their international sales by establishing a compelling, credible, competitively differentiating, and highly visible online presence in their target export markets.

We support all small and medium sized companies wanting to sell, expand, and export into the German and English-speaking markets, with special focus on Germany and the United Kingdom as target markets. In addition, assistance can also be provided in relation to other markets, as most of the principles and best practices of internationalisation and localisation are applicable to all markets and we keep a close eye on developments in those countries too.

We work with both B2B and B2C companies from a number of different sectors, pure online players and e-commerce companies that sell online as well as more traditional companies who primarily use their website for marketing and lead generation. If you think, this could be of interest to you, why not drop us and email or give us a call ?