Working with us

Choosing a consultancy for website localisation and international digital marketing for export markets can be a difficult choice, as it requires experience and skills from different areas, i.e. localisation, translation (if applicable), digital marketing, business consulting, and export marketing.

Holistic approach to web presence

And while there are excellent companies for the individual areas listed above, there very few that combine the required skills and experiences needed for successful online presence in export markets.

This is where the strength of e-Vorsprung Consulting lies: In contrast to taking a purely technology or language or marketing focused approach, e-Vorsprung applies a holistic and business-driven approach to online presence abroad, thus maximising companies’ potential for commercial and business success abroad.

e-Vorsprung Consulting is the right choice, if you are looking for a service provider with:

  • In-depth market knowledge: Rather than try and cover the world, as many other localisation companies do, our focus is specifically on a relatively small set of markets: Germany, Austria, Great Britain, the United States. These are markets that we know very well, we monitor and keep up-to-date with on a daily basis, and where we speak the local language and have a good network, so that we can monitor, research, and engage with those markets.
  • Business-driven and pragmatic approach: While we fully understand digital marketing and website localisation, we see technology as a means to an end and always start our projects with a business perspective. As SMEs usually work to tight budgets and timelines, we also understand, the approach needs to be pragmatic and focused on getting results fast.
  • Multi-disciplinary skill set: Web presence abroad requires bringing skills and experience from different areas together, i.e. market knowledge (business, culture, legal, technology), business consulting, website localisation, digital marketing, and last but not least the tight integration of translation, content strategy and SEO. When it comes to English-speaking and German-speaking markets, we have that combined experience and make sure it is deployed to produce maximum synergies and efficiencies.
  • Commitment to YOUR success: We firmly believe in Irish small and medium-sized business, its potential to sell and export more, and the fundamental role a strong, locally adapted online presence can play in entering export markets and creating mindshare, marketshare and sales. We are dedicated to making this a success and look forward to working with you.
  • Innovation and continuous improvement of your local website and value proposition. This final benefit of working with us might sound strange at first reading given our focus is to help you with export markets like Germany and the UK. However, it has been our experience that our strategic and business-driven approach to web presence localisation typically brings ancillary benefits to the original local (Irish) market web presence: Often the exposure to and examination of the website in a foreign – and typically tougher – competitive environment, highlights issues that are less obvious in a less competitive market like Ireland. In addition, this comparison with foreign competitors also tends to bring back fresh and different ideas for innovation that your competitors abroad are already using and which help you stand out better and be an innovation leader in your local Irish market.